The map is strictly for air readings only, if you want to share rad readings for anything besides air samples,  include this data in your station`s notes when submitting your air sample, thanks for sharing.

Map  shows station`s most current readings updated by users, you can also view a station`s history in graph format, by clicking on a station and then clicking on 'View Station`s History' link.

If you intend on taking readings in different locations, like another state, you should create an additional account for that location, think of user accounts as separate stations.

If stations becomes 'inactive' not updated for more then 30 days, the station`s icon will be removed from the active map, until its owner submits a new reading, users will still be able to view inactive stations and all their data by visiting the 'inactive map' menu.


Map legend
0 to 39 cpm   0.000 to 0.119 µSv/hr
  40 to 59 cpm   0.120 to 0.179 µSv/hr
  60 to 79 cpm   0.180 to 0.239 µSv/hr
  80 cpm Or More Or x2 Baseline   0.240 Or More Or x2 Baseline
Not updated for more then 10 days Not updated for more then 20 days